Jackson Hole Inversion

It’s pretty frequent to come up over Teton Pass from Idaho in the morning and see Jackson covered in a layer of low clouds.  Usually it’s just some fog burning off, but sometimes it’s an inversion.

Any cloud/fog layer typically burns off by midday.  Teton Pass is on the west side of Jackson Hole, looking east.  Because of the nature of where Teton Pass is, the mornings can be presented with some harsh lighting.

The best-case scenario is usually going down to mile marker 11.5ish, close to Glory Slide.  The scene will still be super contrasty with the sun directly to my right in this next image.

There is the rare occasion where the inversion can last through the day and into the evening.  That is when you can get the sun behind (or capture a post-sunset picture, like this one).

Plenty more examples can be found here.  Be sure to click the ‘i’ icon at the bottom-right to see precisely the time of day and location on the highway.

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