Katmai 2018: Sub-adult Summer

Before we begin I want to reference the Bears of Brooks River 2018 reference guide. Indeed, all these bears are well-documented. So if you see me refer to them by their number, more information can be found in this reference.

This trip sort of started way back in January. January 5th 12:00 AKST to be exact. That is the precise time registration opens for the coveted Katmai Campground. It only holds 60 spots, and it seems that the whole world wants them during the month of July. Attempting to coordinate with a friend (Tim), we were set on grabbing the second week. But that date literally filled up in seconds. Almost suspiciously fast. Alas, we were pushed off our goal of visiting peak season and had to settle for the last week of July into early August. Here’s hoping that the salmon run…runs late.

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Yellowstone September 2 – 4: Hayden Valley to Beartooth

With a holiday weekend ahead, it’s time to head straight up to Canyon Village from work. When passing Hayden Valley, it was past 8:30 and dark, but one of the largest traffic jams I’ve seen for this time of year. Everyone was focused on the east side, towards the Wapiti rendezvous area. Looks like I have my morning spot picked out.

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Katmai July 3 – 6: Brooks Camp

Katmai National Park – it’s home to some of the best bear viewing in the world, the iconic Brooks Falls, and the lesser known Novarupta eruption.

For this somewhat impromptu trip, I’m flying from Anchorage to King Salmon, and then taking a float plane to Brooks Camp for three nights.

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